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5 min readJun 4, 2021

21st century, the finance structure of the world has been reformed and largely moving to cryptocurrency. A lot of these platforms are available nowadays promising the impossible. We are certain you wouldn’t just want to dive into any but would want the very best, the reason why we are happy to introduce to you OrbitSwap Finance.

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What is OrbitSwap Finance?

OrbitSwap finance is the first (AMM) DEX with a Multi DeFi Product suite. This insane dApp “OrbitSwap finance platform” is built onBinance smart chain which shall further extend to crosschain features like Pokaldot, Ethereum, Avalanche, Xinfin Legacy Network and the Upcoming Flare Network as we propagate into highly solid and Hybrid Platform.

Orbitswap will start with the basic features staking and yield farming opportunities which shall pave a solid way to develop our very core feature a multi “DeFi suite protocol” with the aim to enhance and provide a superior user experience in the DeFi Space; economic advantage, a fair governance sense of belonging, a decentralized financing vaults, margin trade access, entertainment “Games”, and a sustainable cash earning platform. OrbitSwap finance platform start with very user-friendly interface and can be easily operated by even newbies in the crypto market. Please read Our White Paper for more products Blocks

Our Core principle and ideology at OrbitSwap finance is ensuring “Inflation <l> Deflation” at all times. Users of the platform are referred to as orbiters. Orbiters will not only stake, but also earn OrbitSwap tokens. The Core Utility Token of our platform is called the $PLAN, which is capable of providing liquidity into the different products pools of staking, farming, Liquidity, Exotic NFT’s and Game Mining and even stream rewards with mechanisms like DEX and product suites. Interesting!

What makes OrbitSwap Finance Platform unique?

OrbitSwap is determined to distinguish itself and stand tall apart from existing competitors, e.g few of the Big gunners like Uniswap and Pancakeswap, the uniqueness of this Decentralized financial platform is characterized by its real-world application like DeFi use case for average Bob and Joe, Superior business developments by veteran developers of several years in the industry and A class IOV security expert and core features R&D specialist surrounding Orbitswap Platform. Also, One of these classical features is the use of a Decentralized and Scarcity Economy Analytic to ensure value proposition of $PLAN Token within Orbitswap is ensured and maintained at all time.

OrbitSwap $PLAN intends to use the “Modest inflationary to Higher deflationary Mechanism “, a strong Tokenomics model that ensure Supply Pressure is off the question within the platform.

Another feature that sets Orbitswap apart is the use of burning mechanism called the “rolling wave SPA” “which is employed to ensure that the value of the $ PLAN is at all time remains consistent whenever supply pressure analysis is caried out by DAO system that will be implemented.

Security and Audit Status is another top-notched feature and priority of this platform. The proposed smart auditor and security grade providers Techrate is currently carrying out Audit exercise on our smart contracts which then after, we would be able to launch into production and also engage the very popular Certik Audit firm for the complex box of our other products as at when they are ready for launching. This Two of the mentioned smart contract auditors will be engaged in a bid for the long-term security DOWN/UP and ALL time monitoring for the projects.

The Least Benefit Realization of $PLAN Token are the following:

● Incentivize liquidity pool miners

● Farm and staking rewards

● Gives access to other new projects launched on the platform

● Early access to newly generated market

● Gives Entitlement to stakeholders “governance system”

● Access to generated market transaction fines.

● Earn/stream rewards while entertaining yourself on the platform (Game Mining)

● Gives Access to many operational products “traditional convertible projects”

Burning Mechanism for $PLAN

We have planned a rolling wave burning system that serves as a mechanism to ensure that $PLAN value is kept consistently worthy of Investment/passive income, likewise a lot of mechanism that has worked for other project shall be considered in parallel priority as well.

Upcoming Milestones, Launching, and Production Plans

The aim of the platform is to be a large-cap market in the near future, to do so the platform will initialize in Two Phases.

Phase One intends to start with a soft Launch of the Platform starting with Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining that allows for a modest inflationary and generous rewards upto till the first 20 Million $ PLAN circulating supply will be reached. In the Blocks Emission with 9.09 Farm fees to be generated on OrbitSwap also the trade fee will be 0.2% in which 0.17 will go to LP provider while 0.03 to the owner.

Phase Two will concentrate on working towards a fixed maximum supply, activating new products like the cross-chain, Margin trade, games, options trade, and also redistribution will be based on stake holdings.

Hyper Mode Feelings😎😎✔: From Us it is Zero Doubt with a strong conviction that OrbitSwap is well positioned to be one of the best DeFi household names in the nearer future, join us today at all of median platforms Telegram, Twitter and be a part of something great!

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OrbitSwap finance is the first (AMM) DEX with a Multi DeFi Product suite. The platform is built on the Binance smart chain. Website: