Smart Contract and Audit Report

3 min readJul 6, 2021

Next Rated #Pancakeswap and #Apeswap is here with resilience we will BUIDL #Orbitswap together

Dear Orbit Families,

All #PLANs are setting out and we are glad to announce the much-awaited Audit reports and its entire smart contract lines. We confidently told you earlier that being delayed is never equating a denial of what is to come but as a strong measure to ensure we are upholding Our 3S — Core value (Safety, Security and Sustainability) which Orbitswap stands for in the onward development of this Multi DeFi Suite Propagating Platform at all time.
Orbitswap Smart Contract Audited.

Today we published Our Smart Contract addresses and Audit Report to the community as listed below, hence the key to matching onward to several other Activities on the road map as highlighted in the Whitepaper.

│ Galaxy │ ‘0x36D53E904186F18231e7d1F238f3bC0A25b1946a’ │

│ Orbit │ ‘0x4bcC2D40792E77E8e88B9B18d6c72d93A7aF0481’ │

│ Plan Token │ ‘0xdd8E8B0D2E695d19e907EAA8C129Aa785c57562c’ │

│ Planets │ ‘0xb2437120C348F35b69aC3955037da272164de5B8’ │

│ MultiCall │ ‘0x661c29dB2C0F73C06Fad5d1b5DdF88c53E2E4B5C’ │

│ Timelock │ ‘0x2041F35505dD71ed412B76148a24aC363270837D’ │

│ Factory │ ‘0x1Eb9b01BC897eAb15254d0Fec41f4FEbF70b2D85’ │

│ Router │ ‘0xD43D1cC581320e5Bc4d3caC25F9B22A3B944401f ‘ │

Core Lines:

OrbitFactory: 0x1Eb9b01BC897eAb15254d0Fec41f4FEbF70b2D85 The OrbitswapFactory is the primary DEX contract which is used to create and track all pairs created on the OrbitSwap protocol. When a new pair needs to be created, this contract deploys a completely new pair contract specifically for these tokens and notes the address for future lookup.

OrbitRouter: 0xD43D1cC581320e5Bc4d3caC25F9B22A3B944401f The OrbitswapRouter is an external, non-value holding, contract which manages different sets of interactions with the OrbitswapFactory related to adding/removing liquidity and swapping tokens. Because this contract holds no value it can be upgraded without needing to redeploy the OrbitswapFactory.

Farm Contracts

$PLAN Token: 0xdd8E8B0D2E695d19e907EAA8C129Aa785c57562c PlanToken represents the native token of the OrbitSwap protocol. This token is distributed to farmers who stake tokens which are recognized by OrbitSwap’s Farms and LPs.

Galaxy Master: 0x36D53E904186F18231e7d1F238f3bC0A25b1946a The Galaxy Master contract represents the main farm contract which is in charge of distributing $PLAN to farmers staking on the OrbitSwap protocol.

Timelock: 0x2041F35505dD71ed412B76148a24aC363270837D The Timelock acts as a Self-authorizing limitation to the owner of the GalaxyMaster to limit how fast owners can call functions on the protocol. A transaction must first be queued in this contract which emits an event that users can evaluate. After a set delay is reached, this tx can then be executed which updates a setting on the GalaxyMaster. The Timelock is primarily used to manage the farm by adding new staking tokens and updating their reward weightage.

MultiCall: 0x2041F35505dD71ed412B76148a24aC363270837D The MultiCall contract is a NVA or holding contract which is used by the front-end to batch calls to contracts.

Now we have achieved First Security measures! What Next?? Come Join Us, Lets experience the beauty of DeFi together while strive further to work towards the core mission of liberating average Joe and Bob

To the future, we all will remember this day of little beginning we started together.

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